Strategic Consulting

Some of our clients only have an idea, while others know what they need in great detail. Most important in the early stages of the app development, aligning ourselves with your concept is vital. We will add our expertise to polish the shape of your product.


Prototyping and iterating designs until we reach the perfect balance of usability, performance and user appeal.

Mobile Development

Programming is the engine of your app, it makes everything come to life. We code accounting for every possibility, keep everything clean and organized, on the inside as well as on the outside, to ensure scalability and modularity of our software.

Backend Development

Almost every app needs server side components built to achieve its purpose. It can be an admin panel, where app content can be updated from or just hidden server side code, required for the app to run. We will prepare what is needed for a smooth operation.

Web Development

You app is not complete without, at least, a landing page. Either a microsite to present your app or a more complex complementary web system, we are ready to build the appropriate web solution, using the latest technologies.

Quality Assurance

Our developers check their code and deliver the best results. However, without a proper quality assurance process, minor issues will slip through. We have a separate team that will make sure this does not happen. We will cover the most complex scenarios that your app can encounter.


Publishing the app to the App Store and Google Play Store is not always a simple process and we can help navigate through their pathways, offering our experience on the technical part, as well as the content side, to ensure a smooth launch.


Work on your app does not end when the app is launched. Only than, your product meets its users and their opinion is the most important. We integrate various analytics tools in the app (GA, Flurry, Apsee, Mixpanel) and help you interpret the data and make changes where needed.


Our app marketing knowledge will be in every step along our process. From designing your app icon, to the landing page, to the app description, to the chosen screenshots for the store presence, every detail matters and will have an impact on the success of your app.


iPhone with AR text in 3D on screen

We love Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is our passion. We believe that it is going to spread in across all the types of apps that we use, from the entertainment ones, to lifestyle, to industrial and educational.

What is Augmented Reality?

Short answer: it is when you look through your phone, using the camera feed, to what is in front of you and the software adds another digital layer, being aware of reality. There are so many use cases. The software can recognize the floor, an object, a pattern. When these are detected, it can present an image, a video, sound, 3D objects - all that appear to be in front of your, seemingly inserted into reality.

How is AR good for you?

Augmented Reality has imense power, because of the better experience it provides the user. For an entertainment app, AR will make it more fun, users will get more caught up and will be using your app more. For an educational app, young minds will be attracted by the engaging presentation, learning faster. For an industrial app, instructions will be delivered more clearly and efficiently, saving man hours, meaning cost and time. No matter the field you are in, AR will be integrated sooner or later. Is it going to be you, that will have that edge against the competition?

What do we know about AR?

We have been watching and playing with it since this technology was a baby and it was nowhere as nice, as accurate and as seamless as it is today. But we knew that it will grow and evolve, to mature and unlock endless possibilities. We have used all the important SDK's on the market: Metaio, Wikitude, Vuforia, Kudan, be it for research or real app deployment. In 2017, with the release of the newly announced ARKit, by Apple, we believe a new stage of this revolution is coming. It is the time when this technology will spread. Also, they raised the bar in terms of performance. AR is not perfect today, but it is moving forward so fast. We have delivered entertainment apps, event apps and advertising apps integrated with augmented reality. And we are working hard to add a gaming app to the list, with the public release of iOS 11, in September

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