We are

We are a small team of sharp people. We like to stay focused and be efficient. We do what we do with joy. We eat, sleep and breathe apps. We really get excited when you challenge us, with AR, VR or anything that will stand out, that is at the edge of what is possible. We like to push the boundaries. We live to be proud of our work.

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Rocket taking off from laptop
Our roots are in web development, starting about 10 years ago. We made transition after transition, as the world shifted its tech focus. After mastering all types of websites, facebook apps (in their time of glory), we had the opportunity to build a mobile app. It was back when the App Store was only a couple of years old. We enjoyed it so much. It was that incredible technology that we were discovering and we wanted to be a part of. We were hooked and we took on mobile apps ever since, observing the evolution of the app ecosystem.
If 10 years ago, a responsive website was an exceptional request, nowadays nobody should think they can do without it. No matter how big or small the web solution is, that you need, it should be responsive, it should adapt seamlessly to any screen size.
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We work with

City skyline with small and big businesses
Either you are an enterprise client or a fresh startup antrepreneur, we would love to share our passion for highly polished apps. Challenge us and we will help put your idea into the hands of users.

Also, if you have just an idea, we can help you shape it and turn it into a product. Or, do you know exactly what you need? We can implement it for you, with maximum attention to the smallest of details: the speed of an animation, the size of the font, the spacing of the letters, the simple and intuitive user flow, the colors, the shape of the buttons. There are so many we could list, that will make the difference, when your app reaches its audience.
Multiple processes at once

How we work

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We are true believers and users of the AGILE methodology. What does that mean? We are constantly connected and communicating with you. Agreeing a design and working hidden, for months is a terrible idea.

So we work in sprints or iterations. First we focus on a core functionality and than, we deliver a MVP. We test it and get feedback. We adapt, based on the feedback. Than, we go forward building each new feature in sprints. After each iteration, we take a look back and test what we have so far: the look & feel, the functionality, the usability. If everything is fine, we continue until we reach the final product, but at each stage, we can adapt, we can observe and improve. This ensures all the team effort is not consumed in a wrong direction.

The product will be morphing with each iteration, to reach completion in the best possible shape.

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