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An app should be smooth and intuitive, it should feel natural.
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Our core services

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UI/UX Design

These days, user experience is vital for the success of your app. There already are so many apps out there, so we must pay attention to how easy and natural it is, for the user to engage with those cool features we work on implementing.
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Web Development

Either a landing page for your app, a campaign microsite, or a large web app, customized web development is a constant need. We come from lots of years of web experience, so if you can think it, we can build it.

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Augmented Reality

We have worked on our first Augmented Reality project in 2013, when we built an app for an event hosted by one of the largest auto-makers of the world. The visitors were amazed to use the experiences we prepared for them, to discover the cars.
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Mobile Development

We have been doing app development for more than 6 years now. That means the baby years of the app stores. We know how the ecosystem evolved, as it is now a crowded space, where details make the difference between a hit or a miss.


Coding is only a part of what makes an app great. We are here to help with everything involved by a mobile app launch: strategy, branding, marketing, design, app interface, user experience, coding, analytics, landing pages, microsites, backend development.
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Amazon just added AR shopping to their app

Amazon just updated their iOS app today introducing a new feature: AR View. It provides customers with a way to visualize the products in their own space, be it a home, office or outside, before they decide to buy. The...
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macbook and iphone

Responsive design is a must

Early days of responsive design Responsive design means that a web page can be seamlessly displayed, on a variety of devices, from large screen monitors, to laptops, tablets and the phones. There are so many devices today. More and more...
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Augmented reality

Augmented Reality gaining in popularity

What is Augmented Reality? You might have heard about augmented reality, as it comes up more and more frequently. And we are thrilled. Short answer: it is putting a digital layer on the real world and displaying the together. Now,...
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