Amazon just added AR shopping to their app

Amazon just updated their iOS app today introducing a new feature: AR View. It provides customers with a way to visualize the products in their own space, be it a home, office or outside, before they decide to buy. The company says that when users are buying an item, “they can overlay it onto their […]

Responsive design is a must

Early days of responsive design Responsive design means that a web page can be seamlessly displayed, on a variety of devices, from large screen monitors, to laptops, tablets and the phones. There are so many devices today. More and more of them can access the internet and hence, a web page. A while ago, we […]

Augmented Reality gaining in popularity

What is Augmented Reality? You might have heard about augmented reality, as it comes up more and more frequently. And we are thrilled. Short answer: it is putting a digital layer on the real world and displaying the together. Now, to break this down to a few more details, it means that an application (no […]

Social media has such a big impact today

Today, it seems like we had social media since the beginning of time. We are so immersed in it. Most of us do not skip a day without being present. Actually, only 10 years ago, life was very different. The options were fewer and the scene was different. Going back a little further, to 2003, […]